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  International Folklore Festival "Gergyovsko veselie" - Kremikovtzi
"Gergyovsko veselie" Kremikovtsi 2012

VI International Festival "Gergyovsko veselie" Kremikovtzi 2012
May 5 2012. the square before the National Cultural Center "Svetlina-1906 Kremikovtzi" Kremikovtsi, Region "Kremikovtzi", Sofia - Bulgaria

Festival is organized by:
Cultural Club 'Svetlina 1906 Kremikovtzi" and a Folk dance group "Full dance"

For the first time this year will be held for dancing lovers and performers of Bulgarian people and rachenitsi.

The festival can attend all community centers, cultural institutions, schools and establish a dance studio, CRD, groups and others. dealing with Bulgarian folk dances and rachenitsi.

The festival is not a competition!

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